ask_rave 0.9.1b Release Candidate 2

ask_rave 0.9.1b RC2 is out after a rather long delay. Editing questions is now easier and there have been many small fixes throughout the script.

So... what does ask_rave do?

You're about to download a simple, lightweight and free question and answer script, also known as an ask and answer script. It allows your visitors to ask the webmaster any question they need answering. In particular, ask_rave is designed to be asthetically pleasing, and mechanically sound. It also doesn't require a database, which is handy.

Give me a reason why I should use it!

Got any screenshots?

Standard theme: the fully functional asthetically pleasing theme.

The transparent theme in use in conjunction with iframes.

The plain theme, ideal for editing for your own website needs.

What will I need?


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Share-Alike 2.0 England and Wales licence.


Current Version: 0.9.1b Release Candidate 2

Download file Current release, zip format
Download file  ask_0_9_1_RC2.tar Current release, tarball format

Subversion Repository

You can also now visit the ask_rave SVN repository where you can download the latest code direct to your PC or server.

Previous Releases

0.9.1 Latest download. See above.  
0.9b Stable/Long Term Release download. DL:  .zip  .tar
0.8.1b Stable Release. DL:  .zip  .tar
0.8 and below Unstable releases.